IFMA NYC Committees

Awards for Excellence Committee

In order to continue providing quality services and programming to our members, fellow IFMA NYC members join the executive board and volunteer their time to participate in a wide range of projects as members of our established committees.  Fill out our Volunteer Form to get more involved and get the most out of your membership!

Chair: Alexandra Liz Lazard
Vice-Chair: Jill Daniele Milrose Consultants, Inc.
Executive Board Oversight: Christine Chavez Knoll, Inc.
Communications Liaison: Sonya Verny - IA INTERIOR ARCHITECTS
Committee Members:
Gail Frank - Superior Office Systems 
Lynée Hastings - VVA Project Managers & Consultants 
Yasaman Hoorazar - HOK 
Cynthia Lindberg - Ogilvy 
Peter Lorenz - McKinsey & Company 
Matt Poveromo - Waldner's Business Environments 
Tania Siriapismai - Knotel 
Laura Sullivan - Turner Interiors 
Caitlin Virgil - Knoll, Inc.
Andrew Weinberg - LF Driscoll Healthcare

dinner Committee

The Awards Dinner Committee is responsible for the organization of IFMA NYC's Annual Awards Dinner Gala, which takes place each January. 

Interim Chair: Alexandra Liz - Lazard
Executive Board OversightChristine Chavez - Knoll, Inc. 
Committee Members:
Jill Daniele- Milrose 
Mikayla Garvin - IFMA NYC
Matt Korytko - Avison Young Project Management
Annette Vega - Datadog, Inc.

Communications committee

This committee is responsible for the online newsletter highlighting information about chapter activities and members. In addition, this committee explores exposure opportunities for the chapter through the media and acts as a liaison with press and other public entities. It also ensures that the IFMA NYC name is shown in a positive light throughout the region.

Chair: Ross David Weiner SLCE Architects
Vice-Chair: Jay Stuck - Secure Utility
Executive Board Oversight: Sonya Verny IA INTERIOR ARCHITECTS
Committee Members: 
Douglas Cummings - Kent Services 
Kelley Douglass - OBEinside™ 
Paul Haley - Wolters Kluwer CLS 
Robert McGill - RD Weis & Co Inc. 
Jessica Mewengkang - Datadog, Inc. 
Jonathan Perez - Peace of Mind Technologies 
Evan Robins - Meadows Office Interiors 


Emerging Leaders is a group of IFMA NYC chapter members with 5 years or less of experience in the industry. This group will make sure that people who are new in the industry have networking opportunities with peers and attend educational events.

Chair: Michael DeVries WB Wood
Vice-Chair: Scott De Santis Office Resources, Inc.
Executive Board Oversight: Jay Feiertag FEDCAP
Committee Members: 
Jesse Beatus Federal Reserve Bank of NY
Maarten Havermans Cushman and Wakefield-UBS
Jake Iapicca American Arbitration Association
Daniel Pego Consolidated Edison of NY
Alexa Rodriguez - Knotel 
Jonathan Smith King Street Capital Management,LLC
Elizabeth Vasek Ford Foundation


global workforce initiative (gwi) Committee

Vice-Chair: Meredith Lovejoy - Shen Milsom Wilke
Executive Board Oversight: Timothy Burdge - Syska Hennessy Group
Committee Memebers:

Jonathan Abreu - LIM College 
Luis Acevedo - Major League Soccer 

Regina Ford-Cahill - Pratt Institute 
Alexandra Liz - Lazard 

Peter Lorenz McKinsey & Company 
Suzanne Watts - Twitter 

Golf Committee

The Annual Golf Outing is a special event coordinated by this group of dedicated members who work to promote the organization through our Annual Outing. Often joined by professional athletes, the Golf Outing is a day of networking for our members and guests

Chair: Steven Trott RI Group
Vice-Chair: Helena Loman SBFI, Inc.
Executive Board Oversight: Christine Chavez Knoll, Inc.
Committee Members:
David Calnan - Mason Technologies Inc. 
Jack Caulk - The MCS Group, Inc. 
Ron Hertz Vanguard Construction and Development Co., Inc.
Bonnie Pfleiderer Ryan Soames Engineering
Irving Ramos - Kantar
Bill Spadola - Kyocera Document Solutions
Yale Stogel BP Group / Alan Margolin & Associates


ifma cares Committee

The IFMA Cares Committee is the charitable arm of IFMA NYC. IFMA Cares is dedicated to improving the lives of New Yorkers in need. The committee provides this civic service by supporting New York charities either via direct donations, fundraising activities and/or the creation of volunteer opportunities for our members.

Chair: Kirsten Beck - Avison Young Project Management
Vice-Chair: Milagro Suarez - Natural Resources Defense Council
Executive Board Oversight: Daniel Castner - BAM Architecture Studio
Committee Members:
Michael Anzalone Precision Signs 
Rachelle Besser James E. Fitzgerald, Inc 
Jeana Bosco Rubbermaid Commercial Products 
Bonnie Pfleiderer Ryan Soames Engineering 
Debbi Schonberger-Pierce - Art Solutions 
Peggy Smith - MGS Consultants

Member + Career Services Committee

The Member + Career Services Committee services the needs of new and existing members by introducing them to Chapter services through personal contact and by hosting New Member events. The committee works towards enhancing a member’s experiences by encouraging participation and welcoming members at events.

Member + Career Services is a resource for IFMA NYC members and non-members in transition or planning a change. Member companies may post job opportunities on this website at no cost. The committee conducts resume reviews and information sessions on job searches and career improvement activities.

Member + Career Services members act as liaisons to other committees to effectively convey member feedback, and assist with membership renewals through its Retention sub-committee. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Chair: Jennifer Kramer Herman Miller, Inc.
Vice-Chair: Ann Caruso Cross Management Corporation
Executive Board Oversight: Matt Korytko - Avison Young Project Management 
Committee Members:
Nicole Ancelato - MovePlan 
Faine Esposito - Swiss Post Solutions 
Timothy Flannery - LaCOUR
Tim Haney -NYPD 

Ben Roberts - SquarePlan
Vickie Vigil - Daltile   

Networking committee

This committee helps build relationships using a unique structure of networking. The monthly networking breakfasts promote members and their products and services through personal introductions.

President: John McManamey- Office Resources, Inc.
Vice-ChairAyda Melo- Taveras -WeWork
Executive Board Oversight: Daniel Casnter- BAM Architecture Studio


Committee Members: 

Gary Anzalone - Razor Consulting
Peter Corrigan - Neuberger Berman
Michael Gualano - Squarespace 
Dan Pego - Con Edison
Andrew Robertson - Zillow Group 
Craig Scardapane - Creative Office Pavilion
Michael Schwartzberg - Steinway Moving & Storage 


Professional Development Committee

Chair: Paul Haley - Wolters Kluwer CLS 
Vice-Chair: Mark Doherty- J+J Flooring Group 

Executive Board Oversight: Timothy Burdge - Syska Hennessy Group
Committee Members: 
Shannon Geronimo - Cambridge Sound Management 
Kristine Kelly - Consolidated Carpet 

Programs committee

The Programs Committee plans and implements our monthly chapter programs. The primary goal of this committee is to address the educational needs of our professional members through monthly presentations. The committee identifies timely topics, secures knowledgeable speakers or panelists, chooses appropriate locations and hosts the meetings.

 Meryll Effron - Meadows Service Group 
Vice-Chair: Evan Eisner - Eagle Transfer 

Executive Board Oversight: Matt Korytko - Avison Young Project Management 
Committee Members:
Mark DePiero - Convene 
Lisa Hughes - Shaw Contract 

Laurie Hutner - WB Wood 
Joe McMillen - Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital 

Deb Schonberger-Pierce - Art Solutions
Steven South  - IA Interior Architects  
Dawn Cohen  - Liveramp 
Anthony Massina   - Mass Contracting Group 



special events committee

Chair: Rick Malan, RTPM - Telecom Infrastructure Corp
Vice-Chair: Laurie Hutner - WB Wood

Executive Board Oversight: Christine Chavez Knoll, Inc.
Committee Members:
Jeff Codd - Wiedenbach Brown
Mark DePiero - Convene 
Lisa Hughes  - ShawContract
Helena Loman - SBFI Group 
Joe McMillen - Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital
Debbi Schonberger-Pierce - Art Solutions 

Sponsorship committee

The Sponsorship Committee works with the associate members to obtain sponsorship at the beginning of the fiscal year to help fund the educational programs and special events offered throughout the year. Vendors are encouraged to participate.

Chair: Janine Brennan Allseating
Vice- ChairLisa Damore Corporate Essentials
Executive Board Oversight: Peter Lorenz McKinsey & Company 
Committee Members: 
Michael Starer Care Security Systems
Bill Spadola Kyocera Document Solutions

sustainability committee

This committee is charged with being a clearinghouse of information, resources and educational material for IFMA NYC. It serves to show IFMA NYC support for and endorsement of sustainability in design and lifestyle.

Chair: Jessica Bogdan Allsteel
Vice-Chair: Elizabeth Vasek - Ford Foundation
Executive Board Oversight: Jay Feiertag FEDCAP
Committee Members: 
Bill Artis Essential Energy Consulting
Michael Cinquemani - Emerald Brand 
Mariaignez Deoliveira - Western Pest Services 
Jon Hacker Accelerated Innovations
Carl Hymans Emerald Water
Jack Jenkins Robert Derector Associates
Marc Karell Climate Change & Environmental Services, LLC
David Wiltshire-Crane - Mr. Hudson's Cleaning Service 

student chapter committee

The Student Chapter Committee collaborates with Facility Management students (and students in similar fields) from local colleges and universities to assist with their transfer from student to professional. As a committee we facilitate an FM Student Mentorship Program in the fall semester for both graduate and undergraduate degree students. The mentorship program includes a multitude of IFMA NYC professional member mentors, from all aspects of the FM profession, that help educate our students on real life experiences as an FM professional.

Additionally, our committee facilitates and sponsors the annual IFMA NYC FM Worthy Student Scholarship for any NYC based student (Link to Foundation Scholarship page) for anyone interested in applying. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Chair: Chris Mott - WeWork 
Vice-Chair: Daniel Pego Consolidated Edison of NY
Executive Board Oversight: Timothy Burdge - Syska Hennessy Group 
Committee Members: 
Maarten Havermans - Cushman & Wakefield 
Caroline Horton  
Aupu Khan - Syska Hennessy Group 
Alexa Rodriguez - Knotel 
Ayda Melo- Taveras - WeWork