FM Spotlight

Katie Campofelice – LinkedIn

Published on: March 3, 2017

This month’s FM spotlight is Katie Campofelice, Workplace Manager, Global Workplace Services for the world's largest professional network on the Internet – LinkedIn.

Katie Campofelice currently oversees workplace services for LinkedIn in NYC. These services include a food and beverage program, facilities management, reception and security services, as well as events and catering. With her operational mindset, she has been able to identify further opportunities and improve inefficiencies within the workplace setting to further LinkedIn’s growth and expansion.

“Katie brings creativity and innovation to her development of all workplace services and programs at LinkedIn NYC, and excels at building relationships and understanding the business objectives that drive workplace requirements. Her technical knowledge and her passion for the work make her the ideal person to lead LinkedIn's expansion in New York.” - Chris Butterick, Regional Workplace Leader - AMERICAS, LinkedIn

What is one thing that no one knows about you?
“I like the city but I love the country. Any chance I get I am outdoors. Any opportunity to hike, fish, swim, ski, I’ll do it all. Facilities is a 24/7 job and requires a tremendous amount of attention and interaction with others. It is extremely important to me to disconnect out in nature and find those moments of peace.”

How did you get into the Facilities field?
“My father was a General Contractor in Buffalo, NY where I grew up and was extremely adamant about me having a part time job in high school and college so I worked on his jobsites doing administrative tasks for Superintendents and Project Managers and grew to really love it. After I graduated from college I decided to pursue a career in Construction and Development and made my way to NYC.

I began my career in luxury retail doing build outs for some of the top retailers in the world. From there I branched out into the fast pace world of start-ups and took a position as a Construction Project Manager for WeWork. I have always been operationally mindful when it came to design development and stressed the importance of relationships with our landlord and management teams. WeWork recognized this and overtime developed and promoted me into the Director of Facilities for their East, West and South Regions of the Americas. I was able to work alongside consultants and internal development team to assess potential locations, lease negotiations, due diligence and space planning to confirm a viable and operationally efficient product in markets all over the country. I felt that I had finally found my calling.

My interest in the workplace sector of facilities brought me to my current position at LinkedIn where I’m still currently managing workplace services and hope to continue to develop my skills.”

Tell us about a favorite project highlight.
“I’ve had the opportunity to manage and develop space all over the country but my favorite has to be immersing myself in the food and beverage side of facilities. Prior to my current position at LinkedIn I had limited experience in managing a food and beverage program. The highlight of it would be the passion that is associated with the teams that I work with to create a balanced, inventive and appealing program for our employees.

Every step in the process is handled with such thought and diligence. We plan field trips to visit the farms where our produce is grown, have a dedicated thread for employee feedback and weekly design meetings for café and kitchen building. Facility Management can get very technical so continued involvement in our food program has opened my eyes to a much more creative aspect of our industry.”

What is your greatest success story?
“My greatest success story would be my involvement in developing a global brand from its very beginning. When I started my journey at WeWork we were about 50 employees and 10 locations just in the U.S., fast forward to four years later we were 2500 employees and 100+ locations all over the world. To have the opportunity to build a brand has awarded me with a priceless amount of knowledge and experience. I built processes and procedures that still stand in place now, grew and developed teams all across the country, worked alongside some of the largest property owners in the world, and made connections with vendors and contractors on a global scale.”

Tell us about a challenge or obstacle that you face in the Real Estate/Facilities world.
“The current challenge that I am facing is the constant evolution of the workplace. We are managing spaces in a time where employee demands are at an all-time high. In order to attract and retain talent companies are constantly transforming and improving their workplaces. Employees are requesting more amenities, expanded services and a trendier décor. It’s easy to get caught up in just accommodating with what is requested. Instead we strive to really analyze these trends and see if they align with our culture and also if it fulfills a business need. We want to be deliberate with every decision we make that effects the physical space and/or the operations of the space.”

What learning experience would you pass onto future FM’s?
“Take the time to understand your customer. In my experience with managing facilities in co-working spaces for WeWork and now Workplace for LinkedIn I’ve learned that each company, department and individual has different objectives and goals. If you are able to form relationships and understand what is driving it you can better prioritize your efforts and time to deliver the best service and finished product possible.”

Interviewed by Sonya Verny of Serraview, IFMA NYC Secretary.