IFMA NYC Webinar — Safe in the City


October 19, 2020 | 5:00 PM EDT - 6:00 PM EDT
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Where’s the safest place to stand in an elevator? How do you diffuse someone confronting you? What's the word you should yell if you need help? (Clue, it's not help.) What is the biggest deterrent for a potential attacker? If you are not sure of these answers you need to take this course.

All over America, people are learning real-world safety tips from Gabrielle Rubin, the founder of Female Awareness, Inc. 

Situational awareness and a few simple moves may help make the difference between being safe and being a statistic.

This course is that difference.

*Space is limited! If you are not able to register for this session, please contact [email protected] to be placed on a waiting list.

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