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By Robert McGill of RD Weis, Communications Committee Member

Sirius XM Radio was nominated for an IFMA NYC 2019 Award for Excellence for its newly expanded headquarters at 1221 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. The 48,837-square-foot buildout of the building’s 35th floor is an extension of its existing presence on the 36th and 37th floors and included the renovation of the elevator lobbies on all floors. The additional space allowed the company to bring in several teams, including the C-Suite, together onto the new floor. This was made possible by their exceptional project team:

— Architect: HLW
— Project Manager: CBRE
— GC: Clune
— Engineer: AMA Consultants

The expansion was spurred by the company’s desire to co-locate specific teams and the need for contiguous space at its corporate headquarters in New York. Updated technology was critical to this move, facilitating continuous changes and upgrades. The goal for the space was to create a functional yet collaborative environment for teams and guests. This was achieved by straying from the traditional build-out and moving all offices to the interior of the building with open seating by the windows. In addition, the inclusion of 12 conference rooms, huddle rooms, quiet rooms, phone booths and soft seating throughout the space helped to achieve the goal. A listening room was also built to allow employees, talent and guests the opportunity to watch and listen to content in an acoustically improved sound setting.

The largest challenge the team encountered on the project was performing construction directly below a 24/7 broadcast space. The project team had to work closely with employees on the occupied floors to prevent disruption to their daily operations.

Another goal of this project was to mimic the finishes and feel of the company’s recently finished Hollywood studio, which was accomplished by utilizing the same architect and general contractor for both projects. The space at 1221 Avenue of the Americas took nine months to build out from conceptual drawings to completion.

Special thanks to Dan Monaco, Julio Mata and the entire Sirius XM-Pandora project team for the tour and project overview. 

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